5 Summer Activities to keep you Active

Elizabeth de la Torre

Staying active doesn’t mean you always have to exercise heavily. Here are some simple things you can do with your friends or family that will keep you active and away from the TV.

Keep to your budget and time allowance by finding fun summer activities to do nearby that are quick and useful without requiring too much work.  Remember, being active physically, mentally, and socially is important for you to stay healthy.

These 5 summer activities will help you stay active! 

1. Take a Hike

Research the web for nearby places that are located near you to hike. This could include national parks or simple hilly areas nearby. Pack a lunch so you can have a picnic on the hike. Have fun and get some exercise in your routine habits.

2. Go to the Beach

Perhaps at the beach take on the challenge of learning how to surf, swim, or boogey board. For a night occasion go to beaches where bonfires are allowed so that you can enjoy your company around the fire as you roast marshmallows and sing campfire songs.

 3. Amusement Park

Before you commit to any specific amusement park, do your research. Some may be filled with too many scary rides that you won’t be able to fully enjoy your time there. Also, plan accordingly with who you’ll be going with because they might be either thrill-seekers or thrill-avoiders!

4. Travel

Traveling doesn’t always mean you have to go far. Perhaps the destination is a national park, camping site, family member’s house, friend’s house, festival location, or historical landmark. Just the idea of going to a new place away from your daily life is a relaxing idea because it takes you physically and mentally away from the main place where your stress comes from.

5. Visit Colleges Nearby

Summer is the best time to go visit nearby colleges. If you’re on summer vacation then go on a road trip for colleges you are interested in. Otherwise, wait till the weekend to go. This is an important thing to do because sooner than you think you’ll need to make your big decision on where you’ll be going for college.

Which activity will you be doing to keep you active this summer?
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