5 things you need to be ready for your period!

Eva Melgarejo

As much as we don’t want to deal with our menstrual cycle, it is something you can’t avoid.  It will happen sooner or later.

There are cases of 9 year olds getting their period and the lucky ones who don’t get it until they are 16!!! Whatever your case will be, you definitely need to be ready.

We have prepared a list of 5 things you need for when mother nature surprises you with your period:

1-Emergency bag with feminine napkins.

Make sure you have at least 4 in your bag. Get the full size “regular”.  In case it happens to you at school and you are not ready, go to the nurses office, they will help you.

2-Small roll of toilet paper- you don’t want to have to deal with no TP!

3-Wipes- baby wipes or feminine wipes. they are very easy to find at the pharmacy and trust me, you will need them to clean up the mess.

4-Tylenol, Advil or some sort of pain killer.

Cramps can be severe…think of electrical shocks in your stomach…

5-Clean pair of underwear.

By the time you realize that something is wrong, most likely your underwear is ruined.  It would hurt to keep a pair of tights in your locker in case you stain your clothes.

One of the first things you would want to do is cry so have your Best-friend’s number on speed dial! This is a scary thing.  As much learning you’ve done and as aware of your period coming… seeing blood coming out of your body is a very scary thing.

Yup, its normal and it will last for about 40 years. Nonetheless, the first time is quite shocking.  Call your friends or mom or aunt to share your feelings.  It is normal to cry, I’ve asked everyone I know and when it happens to you alone your fear will take over and crying is inevitable.

Take a deep breath and be ready for amazing teenage years!

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