hings that you need to know before a plastic surgery
Several details to consider before having a plastic surgery. Follow these tips!

5 tips to help you reconsider having plastic surgery

Gabriela Alvarado
hings that you need to know before a plastic surgery

Several details to consider before having a plastic surgery. Follow these tips!

Nowadays it is not unusual for a teenage girl to wish for cosmetic surgery instead of a birthday gift or a Quinceañera. At this age, it is hard to make a decision in regards to physical appearance, since most are just acts of desperation. Every day you are subjected to magazines and movies filled with images of women whose beauty is out of this world. But you must keep in mind that this kind of beauty is often a false image created by technology that allows people to alter photos or plastic surgery that changes your image.

According to ABC News, there are approximately 90,000 plastic surgeries performed on teenagers every year. The purpose of going under one of these procedures is to increase self-esteem, but in reality this is not a solution to one’s insecurities.

Any plastic surgery procedure is irreversible and if you are not mature enough to undergo one of these procedures then the results can be more damaging than usual.

Here are some details that will help evaluate your final decision towards plastic surgery.

Know Your Body

You are at an age in which your body is not fully developed, which means it can result in regret. Know your body and physical appearance; keep in mind that you are still growing and your body will eventually change. Don’t make any rash decisions.

Analyze the Motive

It is well known that during their teenage years, people face a lot of pressure from their peers and significant others and, in some cases, they want to look like a celebrity based on the belief that being physically attractive makes you more successful. If you are considering plastic surgery, then make sure that you are doing it for yourself and not to satisfy others.

Prep Yourself Emotionally

Undergoing plastic surgery involves many risks and consequences. It’s possible that the procedure does not fulfill your expectations and it is important accept this. In addition, just like any other operating procedure, plastic surgery contains health risks.

Beauty Isn’t Everything

Plastic surgery will not rid you of insecurities. Learn to grow and develop your qualities as a person. Eventually, self-growth will open the door to many opportunities.

Find Support in Family

Share your decision with those who love you. It’s possible that after weighing the pros and cons of altering your image you will decide that plastic surgery is not the way to go. Don’t make a decision based on depression or loneliness. Share your insecurities with someone else.


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