Check Yourself and Join in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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In 2005, the popular Puerto Rican actress Adamari López was doing a breast self-examination when she noticed a small bump that made her suspicious. She was 33 years old and there were no prior cases of breast cancer in her family. However, detecting that small anomaly on time lead her to consult her doctor. Thanks to that, Adamari was diagnosed at an early stage, she was able to fight for her life and receive treatment on time.


Thanks to early detection, Adamari is now healthy and over the moon with her family!

Having detected the cancer early, she was able to conquer the disease that annually causes the death of more than 39,000 women in the United States alone.

The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Although Latinas have a lower incidence of breast cancer, their cases tend to be detected when the disease is very advanced, whereby the possibility of survival is much smaller.

Adamari was able to surpass the difficult moments, recuperate her health and share in the happiness of helping other women (and also men, because breast cancer affects men to a lesser extent) to learn how to do self-examinations, because that is the best way to take care of oneself, aside from leading a healthy lifestyle.

Here is how to conduct a self-examination, share it with your friends and family members:


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To continue the never ending fight against breast cancer, Adamari Lopez joined the yogurt brand Yoplait, to share  her experience, inspire other women and raise funds to fight the disease.

Yoplait’s program “Save Lids to Save Lives” allows consumers of Yoplait yogurt to send the pink lids on the brand’s bottles every year to help in the fight against breast cancer. Yoplait will donate 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® for every lid that is sent, to the amount of $1.6 million, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $500,000.

You can also join the fight against breast cancer by racing for a cure! 

Click here to find an event near you and dedicate your time and resources to find a cure for this disease.

Keep in mind that early detection is essential for a more positive outcome do educate those around you to self-examine themselves.

And although at 15 you have little to worry about, self-examination is encourage so you begin to notice what’s normal to feel on your breast for future examinations just in case something new surfaces.

You can make a difference and help your mom, sisters, tias, cousins and community!




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