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Not in Beach Shape? 5 Foods to Avoid to Rock Your Bikini

Gabriela Alvarado

Beach time is finally here! And it seems that these hot days are staying for a while, so if you’re getting your body bikini ready with fun exercise, you should also compliment this diet avoiding certain food.

Remember, summer time is all about confidence, trying new things, and having fun! So, to start, we want to help you gain confidence to rock out your bikini style! We always hear what to eat to keep you healthy or an easy exercise routine to help you get there. But, instead of changing your diet, wouldn’t be a little bit easier to just stop eating certain kind of foods that kills your bikini-body figure? We though so! Here are 5 simple foods to avoid right before you hit the beach.

Avoid super-salty foods

We all know overdoing salt on your food will make you retain water, consequently, affects weight fluctuation. This summer opt for something with lower levels of sodium to help you feel your best!

Foods to avoid: Cruciferous Veggies

As shocking as this might sound, broccoli, cabbage, and kale contain a type of sugar that’s known to cause bloat. So right before beach time, stop eating these veggies and you’ll be fine.


What a simple way of preventing belly swell. Makes sense, every time you chew, you’re swallowing large amounts of air.


Although this is such a delicious and healthy fruit, we don’t recommend it right before you hit the beach. Why? Apples are high in fiber and carbohydrates which cause bloating.

Diet coke and other diet sodas

Just because it says “diet” it doesn’t mean that carbon dioxide that supplies soda’s fizz will not expand in your stomach, provoking you some serious bloat.



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