Five Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Grecia Hernandez

Have you considered welcoming a new member into your family? Here is an idea, adopt a pet!

Growing up with pets running around your house is an awesome experience. Wait, what? You did not get to enjoy the advantages of sharing your meal with a furry pal? It’s never too late!

Here are five top reasons why you should adopt a pet.

– Companion:  Having a pet pretty much means having your best friend available 24/7. Going to the park? How about the beach? Just cruising around? Your furry pal will be more than thrilled to join you. Pets provide a sense of purpose and they are lifelong companions. Imagine having your pet be part of your Quinceanera?

Five reasons to adopt a pet

– Responsibility: Adopting is a serious decision to embark yourself. Pets require care and supervision. They need vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, food, training, grooming and recreation. Before you adopt a pet keep in mind that having a pet is not a privilege but a huge responsibility.

– Adoption is Less Expensive: Shelters usually spay and neuter rescued animals before placing them up for adoption. Your adoption fee will most likely include this, plus vaccinations and perhaps other yummy goodies or bargains and discounts. In comparison to pet stores you save from $500 up to $1,200.

Need more reasons to adopt a pet?



Pets make the best of friends!

– It is a Great Cause! The percentage of domesticated animals that are euthanized in this country due to lack of space and/or caretakers is devastating. By adopting one you are saving their life. Your newly friend will be forever grateful of your gesture, guaranteed!

– Become an inspiration for your peers:  You never know who’s watching! Perhaps your actions could inspire someone else to adopt a pet. Click here to get elegant accessories for your pet!

Did we convince you? If so get ready for this weekend as it is November National Adoption Weekend, a three-day event presented by PetSmart Charities. And if your furry friend is part of your court, check out cute accessories for your pet here!

Contact or visit your local PetSmart® store for participation times of local animal-welfare agencies.


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