Five ways to eat healthy and fresh on a budget

Jackie Mejia

The steady rise of sustainability awareness and eating healthy has become a thing of the century.

Healthy meal plan example

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You can take a clue from this food movement by learning early on how to provide nutritious meals for yourself that will not only assist you in staying healthy, but will also keep you within your spending allowance. 1) Prep Ahead for the Week

  •  First, make a plan of what you will eat a few days ahead.
Healthy food basics

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2) Stock up on the Basics:

  •  Once you have something from each of the major food groups, start hashing out dishes that include at least two to three of these ingredients. Just make sure your getting all five food groups each meal!
Healthy condiment options

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Seasonal Healthy Food

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3) Think Outside the (Cereal) Box: Add variety in your diet. Substitute everyday condiments and add sprinklings of natural sweetness as well. 4) Research What is in Season

  •  Knowing which products are at the peak of freshness during each season can help stretch out your cash by not paying an extra fee for non-seasonal fruits and vegatables.

5) Make it a Habit

  • Eating healthy on a budget is as much a choice as it is a habit.

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