Fun and Girly Physical Activities To Tone Your Body

Grecia Hernandez

Yoga increases your flexibility, Zumba improves your mobility and swimming builds strength.

Now let’s talk about less popular workouts that will overall benefit your health and will tone your body.

The reason you will tone up sooner than with other popular physical activities is because of the use of key parts of your body at all times.

What makes these workouts more appealing is that you will actually enjoy them!

Plus, noticing results in less time than usual will motivate anyone to keep on going.


Belly Dancing

The US became more aware of the fabulous artistry of belly dancing thanks to Shakira and… have you seen her abs?

Sure she eats healthy and stays hydrated but the talented Colombian singer claims to have a toned legs and tight abs due to belly dancing.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started on this skill:



Does your mom have lower back pain? Tell her to try Pilates!

Besides improving coordination and balance, the workouts have you moving muscles you had no idea existed.

Want to jump on the Pilates bandwagon? Here are a few insider tips:



Ever dreamt of becoming a ballerina? Or maybe just having ballerina legs? If so, this is the perfect workout for you!

And don’t worry if you don’t have any dance experience, barre workouts are meant to improve your body’s condition and strength while toning up those thighs and calves.

Here’s a glimpse of what barre workouts are all about:


The best thing about all these three workouts is that they can all be done at home!

Grab a towel and let’s get started..

You’ve got this, chica!


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