Funky Smell Stay Away!

Eva Melgarejo

We all suffer from B.O.! Some more than others…This is not the end of the world and there are simple steps you can take to deal with it.

What causes this horrible smell?  The combination of blood with sweat and germs, plain and simple!

During your lovely time of the month B.O. is always a possibility.  How do we get rid of it? With good hygiene 🙂

Here are 6 steps to keep your time of the month B.O. under control:

  • Trim – Hair will make the mess worse and its impossible to keep clean when using pads.  Grab the scissors and trim. be very careful and do it over a toilet so its easier to clean up.
  • Tampons instead of pads – This is the best way to keep your period under control.  Tampons absorb the fluids inside your body so there is no blood=odor outside.
  • Change regularly – Every hour if necessary. This will help with the odor and minimize the risk of staining your clothes.
  • Shower twice a day – Morning and night!
  • Use cloth or cotton pads instead of synthetic.

Clean up after every change of tampons/pads.  Feminine towelettes will be your best friend.

Keep in mind that all girls go through this so don’t be embarrassed and stay clean and strong!

Happy XV,

Eva Melgarejo

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