Five Fruit Smoothies to Fill Your Appetite

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Preparing a Quinceañera is a hard job, especially if you are also practicing sports, studying for exams and going to your dance classes, or whatever other activity you have decided to put on your agenda. But DONT worry! We present 5 fruit smoothie recipes to take some weight off your shoulders, fill your appetite with the added boost of healthy, balanced nutrition, to help you feel beautiful inside and out!



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Craving something sweet? Try a Biónico! They offer a great way to include tons of fruits and veggies, without the dreaded taste. Mix in some dried fruit or veggies for an extra nutrient boost!

Tropical Fruit Smoothies:


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Mango is one of the most complete fruit in terms of nutrients. You can mix it with papaya and pineapple, two fruits that not only have healing and anti-aging properties, but also help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Or with other fruits and veggies! Mango hides any veggie taste!

Passion fruit Paradise:


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Wake up with a passion fruit smoothie – its tart taste, attractive yellow color, exquisite aroma and vitamins make it an excellent way to illuminate your day!

Boosted Protein Latte:


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Need an extra boost to make through a long school day or Quince rehearsal? We have just the fix with this protein latte! Whey or Soy protein offers vital nutrition to help combat any hunger pains or groggy feelings. The added boost of coffee beans gives you an instant awake feeling to help power through the day!

Energizing Green Smoothie Bowl:


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Not a morning person? Neither are we, but this energizing green smoothie is the perfect way to start your day! The ingredients are completely vegan, meaning 100% natural! The smoothie is easy to digest and has vital nutrition you need to get a kick start on your day.


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