Healthy Radiant Skin No Matter What Skin Type You Have

Mia Taylor

It gets somewhat difficult to pay utmost care about the state of our skin and body, especially with the hectic-paced lives we’re all caught up in.

Guilty as charged: we almost regularly neglect our supposed beauty routines but the moment the first blemish hits our pretty faces or those dark, under-eye circles start looking like all riders of the Apocalypse joined in a mission, we immediately swear we’ll start paying more attention and treat our skin to more diligent, better regimens. Are you with us?  Sure!


Internal and external factors

To ensure your skin is radiant and healthy, you first need to consider the fact that some of these factors are internal (hormones, genetics and nutrients) while some are external (weather, the type of products we use, the environment).

Everything we feel, think and eat affects some part of our bodies; on top of it, hormonal changes happening in our bodies will most likely be shown on our skin (and usually when we least expect it) in some form of irritation or breakout. For instance, you know that lumpy pimple on your chin (left or right) you get once a month? Well, that one is a showcase of your ovaries ovulating! So, if you see that lumpy monster growing on the left side of your chin – it’s your left ovary ovulating. Ah, nature!

Staying on top

Anyhow, there are ways to keep things under control (as much as possible), and we suggest we go and explore both internal and external factors that contribute to our skin looking a certain way.

Internal factors and their influence on the skin

Regardless of your skin type, the way you live your life will be shown on your skin. The skin, as the largest organ on our bodies, is a canvas of our feelings and habits, so no wonder you can read from it!


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For example, when you choose to exercise, eat organic food and drink a lot of water, your skin will glow with health. Limit the amount of red meat and focus on including seasonal veggies and fruits into your diet. The more raw foods you eat, the better for the skin. No wonder our ancestors had perfect skin with no need for treatments and products! They understood the importance of a healthy diet for both the skin and the entire body, and they honored it. A healthy diet is amazing for every single cell and it is will nourish the skin continuously.


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When you’re feeling down and have no positive stimuli in your life, the skin is aware. Oh, yes – and it tells. Your face instantly gets that grayish undertone and loses its glow. For some, the dissatisfaction is reflected in breakouts, irritation and skin cracking.

To live a happy and healthy life that not only fills your soul with joy but helps your skin glow with health, live life surrounded with people you love and things you enjoy. Indulge yourself and slow down. Don’t worry about competition; instead, let go of dark, gloomy things and spend time planning a future, laughing, dancing, singing, hugging, kissing and sharing uplifting conversation. Enjoy beauty in life and nature. Ride a bike, go for walks outside, do your yoga on the beach or in the park. Say your prayers or meditative mantras. Find ways to show your mind and body you are united! Build up your internal peace and joy, and you won’t have to worry about that horrible breakout on your forehead.

External factors and what they do

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External factors like pollution and weather conditions are unfortunately something you can’t control, but you can take preventive measures.

When using skin products and makeup, we advise you opt for mineral or organic products that are safe for the skin and work on its internal nourishment. Organic face cleansers and moisturizers will purify the skin and keep it soft, healthy and glowing.

As for makeup, using organic products will, at first, seem a bit too expensive but once your skin feels the lightness of organic structures, you’ll never want to go back to off-the-shelves products. If organic is too expensive or you’ve happen to have a bad reaction to it (yes, that too is possible), you can opt for other healthy products that offer the same skin protection while minding its sensitivity. With such products like the fantastic Freeze Frame, you’ll find your skin gentle like the baby’s buttocks and your overall glow will be apparent to everyone.

Ladies, do things with mindful intention and try to slow down a bit; live with passion for yourself, with love and appreciation of who you are – and your skin will reflect that. Mobile App

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