How to Beat the Quarantine Blues

Brooke Torres

COVID has been an impact on daily life lately so don’t give it any more than it has already taken, this is how to beat the quarantine blues. With the colder season coming, more lockdowns and restrictions for the big cities will come with it. Here are some ways to stay away from the quarantine blues.

Stay Far Away from the Quarantine Blues

Self Care is Key

It is important to set time aside for yourself and do things that you love to do. For instance, this is time that can be used to discover more of who you are by doing different activities, reading different books and magazines, and even pampering yourself. Therefore, one of the ways to keep away the blues is to do small things. Such as, wash your face, brush your teeth, eat three times a day, and get a full 8 hours of sleep.

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Refine a Skill or Learn a New Hobby

If you love to draw, paint or sing yet haven’t had the time to; now is the perfect time to practice your skill every day so you get better and better. On the other hand, if you have been wanting to learn a skill then pull up YouTube or another virtual source where there are countless videos that teach you what you want to learn. Guitar, embroidery, digital design, the possibilities are endless!


Having a lot of extra time could be the perfect opportunity for a room makeover. Therefore, move the furniture around, put up new posters, put up some lights, or even paint designs on the walls. A room can be a place where one spends a lot of time, therefore, make it exactly how you want it; make it your sanctuary.

Go Outside

Staring at a TV, computer, or phone screen for too long could not only be damaging to the eyes but also to one’s mental health. This is why it is good to put down all electronics every now and then and get in touch with the earth and people. Talk to your family, find out stories you’ve never heard before or work on relationships. Play with your family pet in the yard, teach them a trick or two. Also, go for a walk, a run, a workout, a swim, a bike ride; be active or even try to get in the best shape of your life to fit the way you want in your quinceañera dress. The goal is to have a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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