How to Make Your Skin Glow

Mia Taylor

It’s amazing how confident and powerful glowy skin can make you feel, regardless of your age or physical condition. Fresh skin always looks healthy and nourished, even when you don’t have any makeup on. On the other hand, makeup will mean nothing if your skin is in a bad state.

To achieve radiant skin, you’ll need to incorporate a few simple steps into your skincare routine, so here are a few ideas on how to start.

Cleanse thoroughly

skin glowThe key to fabulous skin is good cleansing, so don’t skip this step. Exfoliate first, to remove any dead skin cells and impurities. Then, use a gentle cleanser and massage your skin at the same time to improve blood circulation, while you eliminate any excess oils or makeup. Also, avoid using cleansers that are labelled “antibacterial”, since they can wipe away your skin’s natural bioflora along with the germs.

Tone your skin

Toner is one of the secret weapons that skincare experts use to achieve perfectly healthy skin. Apply it after you clean your skin and you won’t have to worry about clogged pores anymore. Besides shrinking the pores, a toner is good for you skin’s pH balance as well as for moisturizing. It also serves as a layer of protection on your face – against impurities and environmental contaminants. Finally, a toner will refresh your skin and make it shiny.

Go organic

skin glowIt’s not only what you eat that matters – what you put on your skin is also very important, especially if you’re aiming for radiant-looking skin. Switch to organic skincare and your skin will get plenty of nourishing, healthy ingredients and no harmful chemicals, irritants, or preservatives. Furthermore, if you’re dealing with sensitive skin, you’ll be glad to know that all-natural cosmetic products are carefully formulated to be non-allergenic and mild, so they can be used regardless of skin type.

Keep it lukewarm

This applies both to your face and the rest of your body – avoid using hot water on your skin. Long, hot showers sure feel nice, but they can be harmful to your skin. Excessively hot water can inflame your skin and disrupt the skin’s natural balance. It can rob you of natural oils that make your skin look glowy, so make sure you keep it short and lukewarm. Limit yourself to ten- minute baths and you won’t have to worry about drying out your skin.

Switch to natural soaps

skin glow

Soaps that contain heavy deodorants and other chemicals can make your skin dry and that’s why natural soaps are always the better option. Not only are they healthier, they are also cheaper, since you can make them yourself. All you need is some natural oils, sodium hydroxide and water. These kinds of soap contain a lot of fat and oils, so they leave a moisturizing layer on your skin after you shower and make it look dewy and fresh.

Make the most of your face cream

The skin on your neck and chest is just as gentle as the skin on your face, but many women tend to neglect that area. Having nice skin in those areas is essential if you want  to look perfect and the best thing about it is that you don’t need separate products for each of these areas. You can use your face cream to make the neck skin firm and moisturized.


As you can see, radiant, healthy skin is within the reach of your hand – you just need to make a few adjustments in your beauty routine and you’ll see results in no time!


Mia Taylor

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