Is the Latest Technology To Treat Acne For You? Find Out!

Quince Madrina

If you can’t seem to get rid of your acne problems, we have just what you need!

Light Therapy  is the latest treatment recommended by most dermatologists. 

Not only is it affordable, portable, effective and easy to use, it’s also the perfect on-the-go!

Save big on light acne treatments with this new device!

What’s so unique about this product…

  • Only light therapy spot treatment with red & blue light: Blue light targets acne causing bacteria while the red light reduces inflammation
  • Designed to allow light surround the targeted pimple
  • Runs on battery power, no activator required
  • Clinically proven to reduce pimples 2 times faster
  • Spot treatment for acne targets and treats breakouts quickly
  • Uses red and blue light to penetrate skin and target pimples
  • No residue or mess
  • Treat for two minutes, three times a day


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