Prescription Glasses vs Contacts

Brooke Torres

It is the ongoing competition of prescription glasses vs contacts, and we have gathered some facts about each.

Hopefully, making it easier for you to chose which works best for you. Now which to choose?


For an easy to apply option, there are glasses. Glasses are easy to take on and off as one so desires, however, it is because of the easily removable characteristic that they can be misplaced often. Also, since they are not completely secure without a chain, they can easily fall off during minor tasks.

Glasses are most commonly made out of plastic which makes them more susceptible to scratches. Another downfall of glasses is that they may fog up at inconvenient times and slide up and down your nose throughout the day. However, glasses are fairly easy to keep up with and take care of, additionally, they can be customizable and taken off and put on easily.


The more comfortable contacts are made out of a thin plastic that does not touch your cornea. While on the other hand, there are contacts that are made out of glass that may be better in quality yet not in comfort. There are different types of contacts, daily wear lenses (reusable), daily disposable (new ones every day), and extended-wear lenses (you can sleep with them and only take them out once a week for cleaning). Although, contacts may be easy to carry they are a bit more challenging to put in. After some practice, contacts may become easier to apply.

Contacts take a great deal of care depending on which lenses are in use. They have to be taken out, cleaned, and stored properly; these are must-do‘s, or else they can become damaged. However, if you are very active then contacts are more likely to stay in place throughout activities.


Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Whether it is more comfortable to have a removable pair of glasses sitting on your nose or unmoving contacts. If you can, have both so you can switch between them depending on your mood and daily activities. If you can only choose one then choose one after analyzing which you think would be a better fit in your life.

Let us know which you prefer and why in the comment section below!

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