Stay Fit Following Seven Easy Steps

Grecia Hernandez

Are you having a hard time staying fit for your Quince? Wish you knew how to maintain your weight without the struggle being so real #LOL

You can’t no longer blame it on having little to no time to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Incorporate the next steps into your regular life and see how easy it will be to fit into your Quinceanera dress 4 months after you first tried it on.

1) DIY Workouts

Follow @FitGirlVideos account on Instagram, they have workouts to do at home with no need of equipment or the gym.

2) Just Keep Eating…

Always carry snacks with you to avoid getting hungry and binge eating, ideas for healthy snacks: carrots and celery, cucumber and tajin, pears, apples and bananas, granola bars…

3) Stay Hydrated

Take a water bottle wherever you go and drink throughout the day, keeping yourself hydrated will make you not just healthier but prettier as your skin will glow.

4) #FittingSunday

Try on your Quinceanera dress on a weekly basis to make sure you’re actually staying fit and not losing weight. Do it on a Saturday or Sunday since these are the days we tend to binge on junk food.

5) Avoid starvation


You’ve got to be kidding!

Don’t go on strict diets, they’re not healthy at all plus we’re most likely to drop it after a few days, instead have only 1 cheat day to eat your favorite “unhealthy” treat.

6) Make the time for it

No matter how your day went, always find the time to do a 15-minutes to 30-minutes workout, you can even do it while watching a movie at home.

7) Join a team 

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Or simply plan to workout with a friend, sometimes doing things we don’t particularly enjoy at first with the people we love, turn out to be memorable experiences.

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