Stay Healthy and Allergy Free this Holiday Quinceañera

Alicia Monsalve

Busy schedules and quinceanera planning will threaten your ability to stay healthy and allergy free.  

To enjoy the holidays and your quinceanera, plan ahead by taking preventive action. 

 Food Allergies: How to Plan

Inform family members and friends of special diet restrictions so that there will be plenty of “safe” food to eat. Prepare allergy free snacks and meals in advance; freeze or store as much food as possible to stay healthy during busy work and school schedules.

Eating out requires effort to stay healthy with your diet and to prevent potential allergic reactions. Take time to check restaurant menus before eating out. Call the hostess or manager and have them help you identify menu items an allergic person can safely eat.

If you or a family member have food allergies, have an epinephrine injection kit with you at all times because this busy season includes events, which almost always feature food too tempting to resist.

Bullet-proof your Holiday Quinceanera!

If a natural Christmas tree is a family tradition,there are certain steps you can follow to avoid allergic reactions:

Wipe the trunk thoroughly with a solution of luke warm water and dilluted bleach (1 % bleach and 20 % water) to eliminate any mold. Before bringing the tree inside, use a leaf blower (in a well-ventilated area away from the house or garage) to remove visible pollen grains. Artificial Christmas trees with no sprayed-on “snow”are suitable substitutes.

Never leave home without the appropriate medication(s), equipment, and a written action plan so that the proper steps can be taken in case of an emergency. Limit scented candles, potpourri, air fresheners, plant arrangements and holiday baking with strong odors that can cause discomfort for people. If you or another family member has moderate or severe asthma, ask your physician about the need for a flu shot.

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