Stylish Prescription Glasses

Brooke Torres

For some of us, prescription glasses are a necessity; so why not make them stylish prescription glasses and choose the finest in eyewear. Now, to ease your decision making, we have gathered a few stylish designs for you to consider.

Eyewear that Makes a Statement

Vintage Wire Frames

These frames are called vintage because they are made from wire and are usually seen on actors in older staged movies and TV shows. The delicacy of the wire frames is a very light accent to the face; they make for a classy and pristine look.

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Cat Eye

The cat-eye frames are another look from an older era that represented sassy and to-a-point fashion trends. However, they have made a comeback in recent years; being the spotlight of the face, the bright red color is common for the cat-eye look.

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Clear Glasses

Clear frames are a more modern and futuristic look for prescription glasses. Additionally, they make for a daintier pair of glasses as they do not obscure your face as much as traditional frames do; this is due to the transparency of the frames.

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Bulky Frames

For those daring for the look, bulky black frames are a stylish way to stand out with your prescription glasses. Besides being a bold fashion statement, bulky frames are actually rare these days as few ventures to choose them as their eyewear.

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Circle Wire Frames

These disk-like frames also take a turn for the unique, as they stray away from the traditional square and rectangular glasses. Truly, they are on the cute and dainty side of glasses and add a bubbly characteristic to your face.

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With so many great shapes and colors to choose from, what kind of stylish prescription glasses will you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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