healthy smoothies
Try these delicious smoothies!

Tasty, healthy smoothies for your Quince and summer fun

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healthy smoothies

Try these delicious smoothies!

Summer is upon us and aside from meaning that it’s time to bring your bathing suits to the front of your closet, it also means it’s time to enjoy fun summer healthy smoothies. 


Perfect for a get together with your girls, or as drinks for your Quinceañera guests, these lovely smoothie ideas courtesy of GOT MILK? can have your peeps drinking healthy and tasty all summer long.

Restaurateur Bricia Lopezand and GOT MILK?have a few tasty smoothie ideas to share. “My summer smoothie recipes are delicious, refreshing and easy-to-make,” says the co-owner of La Guelaguetza and Natura, Nieves and Licuado Bar in Los Angeles. “As Latinos, we’ve grown up drinking licuados (smoothies). My parents always made them for breakfast, or for our snack. My recipes stay true to Hispanic traditions, but also offer decadent, gourmet twists with ingredients such as rosemary and hibiscus.” All you need is a blender along with basic ingredients such as chocolate, fruit, honey and of course, milk, says Bricia. Check out some of those ideas here, and cheers to drinking fun and healthy all summer long.


Spicy Chocolate Ganache (above)– The combination of chile and chocolate dates back to the Aztecs. The addition of ground chile de árbol transforms this delicious chocolate licuado into a boldly-balanced milkshake. Blend chocolate ganache, yogurt, ground chile and ice together, top with whipped cream and put a dash of ground chile de árbol for an added zing.

Hibiscus Passion– This licuado highlights the distinct flavor of the hibiscus juice (known in theHispanic community as jamaica) combined with the tanginess of the passion fruit. It’s the perfect summer licuado – refreshing, light and crisp!

Tropi-Colada Cream Licuado– For an exotic, naturally sweet treat, blend milk, orange juice, mango, coconut water, pineapple, coconut and cream cheese. Garnish with coconut shavings and a mint leaf and enjoy a festive afternoon.

Rosemary Infusion
Rosemary Infusion– Refresh yourself amidst the dog days of summer with this tasty delight. Blend rosemary infused milk, orange juice, vanilla ice cream and ice. Garnish with rosemary leaves and an orange peel swirl for added zest.

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