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A Quinceanera Necessity

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a quinceanera To look your best as a quinceanera girl, remember to not forget your hands!


The hands are perhaps the body parts that reveal the most about you and they are also probably the part that you most often neglect. Hands are subject to tough jobs such as washing and cleaning on a daily basis. Soap and other kinds of chemicals (shampoo, cleaners, etc.) are enemies against your body. A quinceanera girl must treat her hands to some relaxation and rejuvenation!

  • A quinceanera home manicure:

With a minor investment and a few minutes of our time, we can make our hands presentable. First, you must choose one day in which you dedicate a few minutes to the care of your hands. You can share these moments with your best friends so you can help each other with the manicure process.

Wooden Manicure Stick: Which also comes in plastic. It is used to clean fingernails, gently push back the cuticles, and clean the edges when applying nail polish.

Nail clipper: Sometimes you will need a nail clipper to even out your fingernails or trim them to a desired length.

Good quality nail file: You can find different types of nail files; some shape the tips of your fingernails and others polish their surface. You will save money if you buy one of these instead of the nail files that refine and soften fingernails.

Cuticle oil/lotion: One of these will help you maintain smooth and moisturized cuticles so that you don’t have to trim them.

Protecting base: Besides helping you keep your color nail polish longer, this product protects your fingernails. You can also use it instead of color nail polish. You can find bases that strengthen fingernails, help them grow, and keep them moisturized.

Exfoliate: You can use a body exfoliate or make your own at home with ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen. (See homemade recipes below).

Moisturizing hand lotion: Buy the one that best fits your needs: rough skin, sunspots, etc. Being a quinceanera with dry hands will just cause you to feel embarrassed.

Cotton: You will need some to clean your nails and for the nail polish remover.

Nail polish remover: You can now get polish removers that do not contain acetone, a chemical that dries out your fingernails. Many polish removers contain moisturizers and conditioners that form a protecting layer on the fingernail.

Nail polish: Pick the colors that you like best. In general, young girls use light tones, whereas others prefer to use a transparent nail polish.

Pamper your hands: Begin the manicure by completely removing any nail polish from your fingernails, trim them to the same length, and then file to shape them and use a buffer to polish and soften them. Do not overuse the buffer because you can damage your fingernails’ natural polish. Apply the cuticle oil/lotion and massage throughout your fingernails to spread the product. Next, gently push the cuticles with the wooden manicure stick to shape your fingernails. Then, dip your fingers in warm water to rinse away the product. Finally, exfoliate your hands, rinse and dry your fingernails so you can apply nail polish. To ensure a celebration of confidence, a quinceanera must make the time to pay attention to her hands.

Time for color: It is advisable that you first apply a treatment base and then apply a layer of color nail polish. If necessary, apply a second layer of color after the first one has dried completely. Finish your masterpiece by applying a protecting transparent base. After an hour, apply a hydrating hand lotion. Now your hands will feel great!.

Take care of your cuticles: Many people tend to trim their cuticles, which is something that should never be done. When the cuticles are trimmed, they grow back much thicker. As time passes, it becomes necessary to trim them regularly. Beauty specialists recommend massaging them with soft lotion and then gently pushing them back with a wooden (or plastic) manicure stick.

Strengthen your fingernails: Many times fingernails become frail and do not grow. This can be the result of not taking adequate care of them, a poor diet, or an adolescents’ tendency to bite her nails. The best way to help your fingernails grow is to start taking proper care of them and to strengthen them by applying novelty cosmetic products that contain hydrants, serum, and regenerates. Helping around the house is a necessary thing for a quinceanera girl. If you help around the house with chores, use gloves to avoid exposing your hands to water and chemicals. When you expose your hands to water, make sure to dry them completely and apply lotion, paying particular attention to your fingernails. Eventually, you can use olive oil or almond oil that contains vitamin E. If your nails are scaly, polish them gently and apply a treatment to strengthen them. The best way to protect them is to keep them polished.

  • Homemade recipes for a quinceanera to soften her skin:

If you cannot buy a body exfoliate, or if you prefer to use natural products, here are some beauty secrets:

Sugar and Lemon
If your hands are rough, soften them with sugar and lemon. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the palm of one of your hands, do not allow the liquid to spill. Add a fistful of sugar to the lemon juice. Then mix both ingredients and immediately rub your hands together and apply this product evenly and on every section of your hands. After a few minutes, rinse them with water and dry them up. If your hands feel rough, you can apply hand lotion. You can use this procedure once a week if you have very dry hands.

Sea salt and liquid soap
Sea salt can be combined with liquid soap, since it is thicker than table and fine salt. Use a small bowl to mix the ingredients. Add a bit of liquid soap to the bowl. Then, slowly add the sea salt. Mix both ingredients until a paste is formed. Apply to your hands and rub them gently. You can use this paste for your entire body, including your feet. Do not apply to your face because you can damage your skin. When you have finished this process of exfoliation, rinse with water. It feels great!.

Olive oil and sugar
Mix two tablespoons of sugar with four spoonfuls of olive oil, rub together in the palms of your hands, and then rub this paste evenly and on every section of your hands. Rinse with warm water. Your hands may become rough. You can also apply this to your elbows and shoulders. You can substitute olive oil for body oil.

As a quinceanera girl, be creative with new refreshing ideas to include in your regimen!


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