The Importance of SPF in your skincare routine


We are always hearing from beauty blogs and dermatologists that sun protection is imperative, ever wonder why?

Despite the popular belief that sun protection is mostly for aesthetic purposes, or directed towards older people and not us, sun protection is a lot more important aesthetic and it is important for absolutely everyone.


Aging may be the least of your concerns right now being so young, but trust me in a few years when you hit your 20’s, you’re going to be glad you took care of your skin from an early age. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the skin, especially the face’s that is so delicate. UVA and UVB rays produce long-term damages on your skin, wrinkles, and premature aging. Think you’re safe in your office or car? Think again. These harmful rays penetrate windows and even cause harm indoors.

•Sun Spots

Sure a few freckles here and there are cute but don’t let this feature trick you. Though some are naturally born with them, some may develop them as a sign of repeated unprotected exposure to the sun. This means that this charming look is really a sign of skin damage and your body telling you that you need sun protection ASAP.


Not only are solar rays detrimental to your physical aspect but could also lead to cancer through built up damage in your skin. Don’t keep ignoring the signs your body keeps giving you (sun spots, freckles, wrinkles, premature aging), and act before it’s too late. It will literally take you two minutes to put sunscreen on and choose cosmetics with SPF over non-SPF, so why not?!

•SPF vs. Vitamin D

Yes, vitamin D is essential for your body and skin. And some people wonder if SPF interrupts the body from absorbing this vitamin, and many studies have shown that it does not! Plus, there are many food sources and vitamin supplements that can additionally add to your vitamin D needs.

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