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Nail Spa Ideas

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Take the time to read our tips on nail spa ideas, especially concerning your feet. We have lots of tips to help you relax and spend some time taking care of your sense of wellness.


Our feet support our body everyday. They suffer the torture of high heels and patiently wait for the moment when we sit down to give them a break. Just like our hands, our feet need to be pampered once in a while in order to be relaxed and look presentable at all times, especially when we are wearing sandals or other foot revealing shoes. These nail spa ideas are meant to allow you to bring back those sandals and open toe shoes without fear of embarrassment.

All nail spa ideas require the use of the following  basics:
A wooden manicure stick (to gently push back cuticles), nail clipper, nail file, cuticle oil/lotion, protecting base, exfoliant, pumice stone, hydrating foot lotion, a bowl of warm water with a few drops of soap, a small brush to clean toenails, cotton, nail polish remover, color nail polish, and small cushions to separate each toe.

Begin by removing any nail polish from your toenails, then trim them horizontally, and file them. Apply the cuticle softener and submerge your feet in the warm water for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Next take one of your feet out of the water, dry it, and proceed to clean your toenails, gently pushing back the cuticles.

Make sure that your toenails are well trimmed and polished. If your toes have calluses around the toenails, cut them carefully using special pliers. Use the pumice stone to soften the soles of your feet, paying special attention to your heels. Then dip your feet in the water once again and brush around the toenails. Rinse this foot and proceed to the next one. Then apply the hydrating lotion. Make sure to completely remove the lotion from your toenails. You can do this with a piece of cotton soaked in nail polish remover. You may then polish your toenails by applying an initial clear coat as your base.

Homeopathic Nail Spa Ideas:
The following natural nail spa ideas are simple ways to beautify yourself.

  • Sugar and Lemon: This recipe softens your skin with sugar and lemon. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the palm of your hand, do not allow the liquid to spill. Add a fistful of sugar to the lemon juice. Then mix both ingredients and immediately rub the mixture onto your foot. Make sure to rub every part of your foot. After a few minutes, rinse it off completely with warm water and dry it up. Repeat this procedure with your other foot. You will feel the difference. Apply lotion to your feet.
  • Sea salt and liquid soap: Sea salt can be combined with liquid soap, since it is thicker than table and fine salt. Use a small bowl to mix the ingredients. Add a bit of liquid soap to the bowl. Then, slowly add the sea salt. Mix both ingredients until a paste is formed. Apply to your feet and rub them gently. You can use this paste for your entire body. Do not apply to your face because you can damage your skin. When you have finished this process of exfoliation, rinse with water. It feels great!.

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