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Clear glowing skin is a key to beauty and good health, but also emotional and mental wellbeing. From acne in your teenage days, to fine lines after your 20s, skin problems are one of the first things you notice when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, and that is something that stays with you throughout the day. People with skin prone to inflammation, dermatitis and other skin problems are often embarrassed to talk about what’s troubling them.

Trying to cover the face up with makeup isn’t a long term solution, and avoiding going outside is even less effective. We live in the time when skin issues are no longer something to be ashamed of, and there is high degree of acceptance for people that look differently. Just look at the beautiful Winnie Harlow, the fashion model with vitiligo, whose appearance is not belittled. On the contrary, it’s embraced. Also, modern medicine and cosmetology have brought many efficient ways to solve or minimize many skin conditions.


Although eczema is a genetic condition, it isn’t equally present in early childhood and adult days. While it appears as a chronic weeping, itchy, oozing condition in early childhood, it tends to improve as the person ages. The typical treatment for eczema includes the use of topical steroids and application o emollients to wet skin. Some of the home remedies that are usually used for treating this condition are coconut oil, jojoba and oats.  


Just when you think that you’ve done with puberty, there they go again – acne. Although it is entirely different condition, rosacea superficially resembles acne. It is a chronic inflammatory condition that appears on the face, and it is characterized by dilated blood vessels, papules, redness and pustules. It can be treated with oral drugs and topically. It is crucial to always protect your skin from the sun and to change your diet (avoid food that causes inflammation).


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Skin pigmentation disorders change the color of your skin. Changes in melanin affect patches of skin (vitiligo, age spots, hyperpigmentation) or the entire body (albinism). If you want to keep this condition in check, you should focus on a healthy diet that includes a lot o Vitamin A and healthy veggies. Maintaining personal hygiene and proper skincare routine also play a vital role. Popular treatments and therapies for pigmentation include chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser therapy. There are also some natural remedies like lemon juice, cucumber, banana, etc.


Although completely harmless, warts can be really unpleasant for the eye, and have a very bad impact on one’s confidence. They usually appear on hands and feet, and go away spontaneously. However, some warts can be really persistent and stick around much longer than they should. Normally, it is enough to cause a mild irritation of wart (liquid irritation, lasers or freezing) for your body to get rid of it, but there are also a lot of treatments available without prescription that can be just as effective. If warts are persistent, you should visit your physician.


Moles are normal marks on your skin. They can be raised or flat and their color can be red, black, brown or skin-colored. If the moles are unchanged they pose no danger, but I they start changing in shape, size or color, or if they bleed without heeling for couple of weeks, they must be evaluated by a doctor to avoid turning into skin cancer. Also, it is important to protect them in sun.

Fine looking skin helps you be more confident, social and, therefore, successful. Approaching skin problems with care and caution is a part of healthy lifestyle.


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