Teens and Cosmetic Surgery: Are you Thinking About It?

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Yes, we all want to look beautiful! But, at what price? Kylie Jenner has sure popularized and even normalized getting cosmetic surgery at a young age.In moments of crisis and uncertainty, which are completely normal during puberty, teenagers now look for quick fixes to make themselves feel better. They think that by sprucing up their exteriors, they’ll somehow fill up the emptiness on the inside.

It’s called growing up, your hormones are all over the place and that sense of belonging and insecurity feeling is something you must learn to deal with on your own and not through plastic surgery. Instead of spending money, time and energy on cosmetic procedures, try and improve the state of your spirits and intellect.


Nowadays many young girls request a cosmetic surgery procedure in lieu of a Quinceanera celebration. 

Aside from the significant cost, plastic surgery comes with inherent physical and psychological risks. Surgically enhancing your physique might have its benefits, but it’s not a way to solve problems or meet emotional needs, specially during a time when your body and your features are still developing.

If one of the following figures in your reasoning of following Kylie’s steps, we urge you not to go through with it:

Searching for happiness: You think improving your looks will finally bring you the happiness you’ve longed for. Keep in mind it will only be temporary. True, lasting happiness comes from your attitude toward life, not your physical appearance.

Trying to please others: Some people have cosmetic procedures to try and please their husbands or boyfriends, or to make their ex jealous, or to make a good impression on interviewers in a job search, or to keep up with how their friends look. Never make decisions to please or impress anyone else, do it because you want to, no matter what anyone else might think.

A self-confidence boost: “If I have bigger breasts, I’ll feel more confident.” That’s the most popular rationale people use for plastic surgery. If you’re insecure without implants, you’ll be insecure with them, too. Self-confidence and self-esteem stems from loving and accepting yourself just as you are. Cosmetic surgery should just be icing on the cake, not the primary source of your self-image.

A great woman is not made by a surgeon’s scalpel. There’s no cosmetic procedure in the world that can surpass the beauty you exude when you’re generous, compassionate and loving. Work on your interior, then worry about the exterior!

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