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Three Snack Ideas to Keep You Slim Over the Holidays

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Christmas break is right around the corner, which for most of us means lots of holiday parties, lots of food… and a few pounds of unwanted holiday weight gain.  But you can curb some of those pounds with a bit of self-control and by snacking smart in between meals.

Here are three ideas for satisfying healthy snacks that will keep you from overindulging at the dinner table:

Cheese and Grapes

Grab a bowlful of fresh, seedless grapes and pair with a serving of reduced fat string cheese. Grapes are a great source of antioxidants and cheese is a healthy protein.  Plus, eating protein with a fruit will help keep you feeling full longer, just make sure to limit yourself to one serving of string cheese so that you don’t take in too many calories.

Peanut butter bananas as delicious snack ideas

Try peanut butter and banana as a delicious snack!


Peanut Butter and a Banana

If you’re craving something sweet and filling, try spreading a tablespoon of natural peanut butter on a banana. The peanut butter provides healthy fats and protein, and the banana is a good source of fiber which is good for your digestion. The combination of both will give your tummy a very full and satisfying feeling.

Teen eating popcorn

We all love popcorn!


In the mood for chips? Try eating 2-3 cups of air-popped lightly-buttered popcorn instead. Popcorn is a good source of fiber and can be a healthy snack you don’t overindulge. Avoid popcorn that comes pre-popped, especially the ones that come in holiday tins since they are heavily-coated with flavorings such as caramel, butter and cheese. Those flavorings may be tempting but are just empty calories.

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