Top 5 Exercises for Toned Abs this Summer

Jazmin Alvarez

Skip the gym and invite your squad for an evening of tummy toning routines! Get rid of that lower pooch ASAP that is preventing you from wearing crop tops and your favorite bikini. Best of all, you can have the abs of your dreams and a healthier you without spending a penny.

Aside from regular crunches, the following exercises will give you toned abs just in time for summer. All you need are a mat and motivation!

1. Bicycle Kick

These may look easy, but they will burn after a few reps!

bicycle kick

2. Side Plank Crunch

Don’t forget about your side abs!

toned abs


3. Seated Russian Twist

To intensity this exercise, hold a dumbbell at a comfortable weight while doing it. You’ll be sore tomorrow for sure!


4. V-Crunch

Crunch your abs to the max with this abs-burning exercise!


5. Elbow Plank Knee Dive

Target your mid section with this easy yet effective move!

toned abs

Expect tight toned abs when you incorporate all or at least two to your daily routine along with healthy meals!

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