5 ways to get the perfect quinceanera gift!

Quince Madrina

How many birthdays have you ended up with gifts you really don’t like, don’t fit, won’t wear and are absolutely hideous?  Of course, every year!  So how do you tell your guests what gifts to get you? Simple! Here are a few tips that will help you lead your guests to the most adorable quinceanera gifts!

1-Register with your favorite store


You can register online and select exactly what you want.

Target has everything you can think of…from fun dresses to make up, accessories and electronics.  Don’t forget to add your BEADS;) or you can use myregistry.com which allows you to pick from over 10 stores!

2-Ask for gift cards


Lets face it, not even your mom will get you the exact  dress in the right color so make it simple and print a small card that you can insert in your invitation “Thank you for coming to my XV, I love the following stores:” list 5 stores  and finish with “Gift cards are welcome;)”

3-Ask for jewelry


I loooovvveeeee earings not any earrings only silver or white gold.  Do a cute note to insert in your invitation: “When considering my gift know that I love …….” You can never go wrong with jewelry.

4-Ask for cash!


Again, anything you want you can ask for just be specific and cute “Don’t stress on the gift, cash is welcomed”  make sure you open up a savings account this could be the down payment for your first car.

5-Inform your guests


A cool thing to do would be to handwrite a thank you note and guide your guests to get you things in the right size and color.  It would help if you include dress size, top size, skirt and jeans size, shoe size and your favorite colors as well as your personality type, classy, edgy, funky, you get what I mean.

Whichever way you decide to do inform your wishes to your guests make sure its part of the quinceanera invitation.  If your invitation is digital, include the links and remember, ask and you shall receive 😉

Happy planning,

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