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A Greek Goddess Inspired XV Celebration

Yoana Estrada

Get in touch with your inner goddess with a Greek Goddess Inspired Quinceanera. 

According to Greek mythology, there are twelve gods and goddesses that ruled from the top of Mount Olympus. Undoubtedly, some of the most well-known goddesses are Aphrodite (goddess of love), Athena (goddess of war), and  Hera (queen of all gods). Take the time to do some research and figure out which goddess relates to you the most.  Above all, October is a great month to play around with fun and out-of-the-ordinary quince themes. Keep on reading for more tips and tricks for getting in touch with your inner greek goddess at your quinceanera.

Ancient Greek Inspired Cakes

First, let’s take a look into what we’re going to feed our guests. Ancient Greek Mythology is about romance, nature, fashion, war, and architecture. Use your quince cake to bring out the aspects of these mythical tales. Consider having a white cake with gold and green pops of color for a Greek effect.

Greek Goddess Headpieces

Secondly, consider paring your headpiece with long curls and braids for the ultimate Greek Goddess glam.Headbands, wreaths, flower crowns, and ribbons are all great options to consider for this theme. 


Aphrodite Manicure

Thirdly, it’s important to take every detail like your manicure and pedicure into conseideration. There’s just something about having your nails done that makes you feel like you have your life together. Without a doubt, this will help you get in touch with your inner goddess by decorating your nails in gold.


Divine Feminine XV Dresses

Above all, Greek-inspired gowns are timeless and they highlight the best parts of you. Check out our soft and charming top Greek picks.

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Mount Olympus Decorations

Last but not least, it’s important to consider what your quinceanera venue is going to look like. The Greek Gods were clearly big on columns, arches, and sculptures. It should be noted, to think about how you want your venue to look. Do you want an outdoor setting or on the other hand, an indoor setting? Nevertheless, consider having centerpieces with minicolumns and pops of gold and green.

In addition to this, it;s important to do your research when it comes to planning any quinceanera theme.

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