Cupcakes that your guests will never forget!!!!

Quince Madrina

Lets think about this for a minute, what is the last opportunity you have to impress your guests at your Quince?  Dessert! Yes, ladies and Gent, it is the dessert!  This is the last bite for them and the last chance for you.  So don’t fall short at the goal line and feed your guests unbelievable cupcakes!!! And I mean unbelievable!

Play with the toppings! Don’t serve a boring cupcake, everyone knows what they taste like, vanilla, chocolate and cream on top.  Serve a familiar flavor so your guest identifies what their eating and surprise them with a unique twist. Think of adding your favorite candies or chips or simply bacon, yup, chocolate with bacon is a high end “thing”.  You can always incorporate your theme, add beautiful butterflies or awesome feathers or Cinderella’s slipper. Dress up your cupcakes to impress your guests, they should look so beautiful that your guests will wonder if the cupcake is a quinceanera favor.

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Quince Madrina

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