How Afro-Latinos Are Making an Impact

Marina B.

In honor of Black History Month, we are taking a deeper look into how Afro-Latinos are making an impact in our world!

From their rich history and culture to their impact on music, food, and so much more! Afro-Latinos are making sure we do not forget their accomplishments and influence. 

Did you know the following?

14.4 Million Latinos identify as Afro-Latinos

1 in 3 African Americans are Latinos

73% of Afro-Latinos are U.S. born citizens

79.5% of Afro-Latinos participate in the workforce

Most common areas that Afro-Latinos come from:


Puerto RicoColombia

Dominican RepublicBrazilVenezuela

Cultural Legacy

Afro-Latino culture is often misunderstood but so beautiful and rich in history. There is a huge influence in music, sports, politics, literature, food, and more than Afro-Latinos have left their mark on. Enjoying the best of both worlds, Afro-Latinos have created their own unique and remarkable blend!

Famous Afro-Latinos in Hollywood

Zoe Saldana

Ariana Brown

Carmelo Anthony

Celia Cruz

Roberto Clemente

Dasha Polanco

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