10 Different Quinceanera Invitations Formats to Choose From

Grecia Hernandez

We have state this in almost every article ever-written about Quinceanera invitations, these represent a glimpse of what your celebration will be like.

Which is why choosing the right design is key to keep your guests wondering and eagerly waiting for your special day to take place.

Take a look at the next 10 suggestions of different invitation formats you can choose to announce your Quince:

What’s best is that you don’t have to choose just one but as many as you want!

Traditional Print Invitation


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We’re referring to the typical handed out invitations! These could be made out of diverse materials like printed in carton or embossed perhaps even laser cut. Although a traditional format, the sky is the truly the limit and you have plenty of where to choose from.

Quinceanera Digital Invitation


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The trendiest way nowadays to let everybody know about your upcoming Quince is through your very own website! MiQuinceParty.com is a platform that allows you to easily create one, besides serving as a digital invitation you get a personalized Snapchat filter, gift registry access for your guests and an instant photo album from anyone who uses your XV Hashtag!

Private Facebook Event

The ideal format if you’re having a VIP Quince celebration due to financial reasons and you wish to save as much as you can, especially on invitations.

Carved Invitation


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If you’re planning a Rustic Quinceanera let us tell you, these engraved wooden invites are to-die-for! Something your guests will definitely keep as a memory of your 15th birthday.

Box Invitation


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So far we’ve seen two types of box invitations which are the “pop-out cake” inside a box and the ‘jewelry-like’ invitation. Choose according to your budget! The advantage of the jewelry-like invitation is the fact that your guests will definitely re-use it.

Quince Video Invitation

No, we don’t mean something like 2017’s most popular Quinceanera Rubi! We mean a professional video like this one where you let your guests know basic information of your event. If your mom thinks this is too informal but still liked the idea, you could do it as your “Save the Date” announcement.

Snapchat Invitation


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This platform is perfect is you decided last-minute you wanted to celebrate your 15th and it can be done in two ways:

a) Design an invitation and post it for only your guests to see (select these carefully!) for the next 24 hours. Add specific instructions such as “To RSVP DM me before 5pm” or so…

b) Create a Snapchat filter announcing your upcoming Quince but not spilling all the info. Instructions on the filter should ask those who saw it to DM you for further details.

Quinceanera Edible Invitation


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Etsy.com has several crafty vendors who will design and send you a “candy wrapper” including all the details for your Quinceanera. You will have to purchase the candy or chocolate separately.

Design your own!

Better off creating your own? Do it for free using templates from Canva! Print them out or simply send them online to your guests.

Click here to check them out on Canva!

 Bottle invitation


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But if you’re celebrating with an “Under the Sea Quince”, what better way to let your friends and family know than with a ‘message in a bottle’ type of invitation?

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