10 Pop-up Invitations That Your Guests Cannot Resist!

Eva Melgarejo

Invitations, invitations, invitations, so important, so needed and soooo the first impression! Yup, your guests can tell a lot about your party the minute you put in their hands the invitation to your Quince.  We all make assumptions, if the invitation is too plain they might think its boring, if its too busy they may feel overwhelmed in other words, your invitation has to do three things, 1- reflect your personality and your color scheme, if your color is blue then think blue invitations, 2- give a hint of the awesome party they just got invited to, if it’s a Cinderella theme quince, you may want to include a castle.. and last but not least, 3- Make them unique, unlike anything else they have received.  So do something cool and literally step out of the box!

Don’t settle for the traditional invitation, check out these unbelievable pop-up invitations that will wow your guests!


Eva Melgarejo

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