5 Things to Add to your Quinceanera Invitations

Grecia Hernandez

Not misspelling the address and adding the right time to meet at church are things you can’t forget to include in your Quince invites.


With so many details, do you actually need more? Not necessarily, we have always said that less is more. However, there are cases where it’s best to add maybe one more item to make things easier, especially on your guests.

5) Quinceanera Gift Registry

Tell your guests exactly what you want as XV present by creating a registry, however don’t add it to your actual invitation but on an extra paper, just as you would with your RSVP’s.

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4) Map and/or Directions

We’re sure you’re expecting out-of-town family who might be completely new to the area. Add a map to avoid them getting lost and calling your parents to pick them up.

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3) Print their seats

If you want your family to follow an specific Quinceanera seating arrangement, let them know beforehand who they will be sharing the table with to avoid empty tables or the classic “Where do we sit?” dilemma.

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2) Program of your fiesta

Just like in Broadway plays, you are the star of this party so give your guests a program so they know what time dinner will be served and when the toast will take place just don’t add your baile sorpresa to actually surprise them.

1) XV Hashtag & Snapchat Filter

Don’t wait until the day of your Quinceanera to reveal your XV hashtag. Print it on your invitations so your guests know how to use it by then and to upload pics prior to your celebration when say, picking out their outfits or practicing the waltz with you.

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Consider adding these only if necessary and by no means use all, no one will read a cluttered invitation!

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