Are Your Quinceanera Invitations On Trend?

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Quinceanera Invitations

The latest formal invite designs are bright, bold and textured, and carry a punch of creativity and originality.

Quinceanera invitations are a unique way to show your personality as well as give your guests a sneak peek into what your Quinceanera theme will be. Although a classic invitation is still preferred by some Quinceañeras, the latest additions to the invites market are gaining popularity as well.


Jasmin Mejia, owner of, tells us that VIP Passes, concert ticket invitations and credit card invites are in high demand. There are no specific rules to follow when choosing a specific style, but Mejia insists that if there were, the first one would be to allow them to represent your style. “One girl wanted her invitations with soccer balls and masquerade masks! And although you would think those elements don’t sit well together, they both represented her unique personality.”

The invitations expert recommends that when visiting a print store or online shop, you get a proof of the invite before they print your entire order. “You also want to confirm if your invitation is sold by the dozen or hundreds, and if singles are available,” she adds.

To ensure that your invitations arrive on time and are designed to your expectations, order them two months prior to your celebration and be open to suggestions from your designer. After all, their expertise can give you a better insight as to what works best for your selection.

Below are the top trends to consider and if you need help for your Quinceanera invitations wording, check this out as well.





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