Choose the Right Designs for Quince Invitations

Elizabeth de la Torre

When deciding on the designs of your quince invitations, it’s important to look at pictures for ideas. Pinterest is always a great place to look for all your Quince planning ideas.  Take a look below because we’ve gathered some ideas for you!

Here are five qualities to consider when designing your quince invitations!

  1. Use unique writing on Quince invitations

The type of font chosen for your Quince says a lot about your personality and your Quince theme. Choosing one that is in cursive expresses a sense of elegance and maturity, while choosing a font that looks handwritten will appear more fun! Thus, consider what kind of personality you want to express with your invitation font choice. One font we recommend for vintage, bohemian, or traditional quince themes, is calligraphy. Find out more here.

  1. Length of writing on invitations matters

Too much writing is too boring and won’t keep your guests interested. With invitations, it’s about what you don’t write that makes things interesting. Anything you leave out can be expressed at your Quince party itself. Also, the less writing you have, the easier it is to personalize the design of your quince invitations!

  1. Ribbon and lace make everything nice

Want to stand out and have Quince invitations that define a classy look for themes such as a vintage, bohemian, or princess look? Then use ribbon or lace to express a dainty theme. These two detailing ideas can make every Quince invitation stand out by showing a little extra effort.

  1. Color choice should match Quince theme

It is very important to decide on a Quince theme and stick with it for your invitations. Your invitations are an extension of your party-not separate things! Remember this and follow whatever colors, styles, or patterns you want to include as a theme throughout your party.

  1. How much is too much decoration/cutouts?

In the pics below you will see interesting cut-outs, glitter, stickers, and pop-ups added to invitations. Always keep a balance though! You don’t want to clutter your beautiful design. These examples below will help you get ideas on how to organize your invitation layout!


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