Creative Quinceañera invitations

Adairis Moreno

 Useful and creative Quinceañera invitations to surprise your guests.


One of the most important details for your celebration are the Quinceañera invitations, unfortunately no matter how much time and effort you put into these, they will most likely end up in the trash.

Which is why we have come up with three creative DIY ideas that are useful, practical and most importantly, great on your budget. Keep these in mind when planning your party, your guests can put use your invitations even once the party is over.

1. Key chains are useful items you can personalize or engraved. Get quality rings to decorate them with ribbons, rhinestones or beads. Invitations that will last a life time!

2. There is nothing more useful during a blackout than a candle, the variety is endless and you can either decorate them or place them inside crystal bases to add a touch of distinction.

3. An original, practical and eco-friendly idea is to invite them with an aluminum bottle. Everyone loves coffee and water, so what best than add your name and date of the event and give them a useful invitation. Pick a color or icon than best relates to your theme, the rest of the details can go on a card inside the bottle.

Your guests will love the idea of being invited in such a creative way. Stationary and formal invitations are so yesterday! With these you can pamper your guests with not only an invitation but a practical item finished with your personal touch.

Personalized keychains


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