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DIY! Express yourself with Quince Invitations Using Calligraphy

Elizabeth de la Torre

Writing in many ways can be seen as a work of art. From the different styles of penmanship, pen thickness, lettering accents, paper quality, or word usage, writing has the ability to entertain and amaze.

With that said, the use of calligraphy in party invitations has become quite a novelty for writers and creative people. Those seeking to impress for important celebrations like quinceañeras are mastering this technique.


Using calligraphy in your quinceañera invitations will be fun for both you and your quince guests. Basically, just as art is seen as self-expressive, so is calligraphy writing!

DIY quince invitations with calligraphy writing are easy as 1,2,3,4!

1.Research the best designs for ideas

If you have no experience with calligraphy writing, then give yourself at least 6 to 8 weeks of practice. Go to the library and find books on how to get started with calligraphy writing. Decide on the paper you will use. There are many options such as text wove sheet or parchment paper.  The pen you choose will define the design of your text. Thick pen for think curvy letters, fine pen for thin lines, you get my grip… A great resource for your calligraphy needs is

2.Quality tools equals quality quince invitations

Again, do your research about the best types of papers, pens, and ink to use. For a celebration as momentous as your quinceañera, you’ll want to make sure that all the details are figured out before you waste time and money. Also be careful buying materials from local bookstores or art supply stores. Instead research the ink and tools that professional calligraphy writers use.

ideas on quinceañera invitations using calligraphy

Take the time to dress up your calligraphy invitations with nice embroidery.

3.Be honest with your time and talent 

Does this DIY invitation project seem reasonable with your time schedule, budget, and abilities? If you know you do not usually have nice writing or don’t have the patience to write well then don’t consider taking on this task of personalizing your quince invitations.

Don’t buy materials from local bookstores or art supply stores. Instead research the ink and tools that professional calligraphy writers use.

4.Maintenance and care is important too

After spending money and time on such a project, it’s important to make sure your materials stay in good shape. What you do one day with your materials will affect how they act the next day. Ink dries out and pens get clogged. So your materials will need to be cared for in order to assure proper calligraphy writing on your quince invitations.


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