DIY Watercolor Quinceanera Invitations to Stun Your Guests

Jazmin Alvarez

Plain white invitations with colorful cursive writing are so last year! Nowadays, it’s all about personalizing your quinceanera invitations following the latest trend – watercolor!

Watercolor is a method of painting that involves colors submerged in a water-based solution for a beautiful piece of art! By the time you’re done reading this article, you will know how to make your very own watercolor invitations. You can also adapt this fab trend to design your cake and decor.


Before you begin designing your own watercolor quinceanera invitations, check out our favorite ideas for inspiration!

It’s time to make a splash! Follow these simple DIY projects for over-the-top watercolor quinceanera invitations guaranteed to stun your guests.

For a spring or summer theme, a floral watercolor color design is just what you need to glam up your invites. Watch the following tutorial to learn how to paint flowers like an artist!

But if your quinceanera is taking place in the fall or winter, you should stick to an ombre watercolor design, which is equally impressive and easier to make! From the calligraphy to the background, the following tutorial has all the instructions you need to make your watercolor invitations.

A Free Guide to Order the Perfect Quinceañera Invitations

A Free Guide to Order the Perfect Quinceañera Invitations

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