Express Yourself Through your Quinceanera Invitations

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Are you prepping your Quince planning but are clueless about your Quinceanera invitations?

This article will give you the answers you’ve been looking for!

Before choosing the design, we highly recommend you have an approximate idea of the number of guests you’ll have at your party.

Materials and quantity will make a difference on the total costs of your invites.

The design of your Quinceanera invitations

To decide the design, you have many options. You can select from countless number of designs found on the Internet or you can design them yourself. Make sure to choose something according to your Quince colors or theme.


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English or Spanish?

If you are Hispanic and live in The United States you have the option to make your invitations in Spanish or English. Select the language which your family feels comfortable with. If it is Spanish, have someone who knows the rules about grammar in Spanish proofread your invitatino before requesting prints. See wording samples for your Quinceanera invitations here.

Online Quinceanera Invitations

After selecting your favorite style, color or theme, languages, and text, purchase the paper or material desired for your invitation and print them in your computer.


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A less expensive and increasingly popular alternative is to do everything online. That’s right! You can either create a website, a group on Facebook or send out your template via email.

Remember that some of your guests, specially older generations may not have internet access, so your will have to use both, regular mail and e-mail.

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