Invitation Trend: Personalizing your Invitation for your Damas and Chambelanes


Despite the honor that being a dama or chambelan entails, many are oblivious to it. Why? Well, being a dama or chambelan also requires a lot of spending.

Therefore, your job as the Quinceanera is to constantly remind them how thankful you are for their participation.

Make them feel special! And a personalized invitation with a special note is one great approach.

Studies in the psychology of personalization have discovered that personalization goes a long way with humans. Why? Because it is in our nature to “crave customization!” That’s why today, so many of the greatest companies use this principle as their main marketing tool, ex: Coca-Cola’s bottles with names campaign.

Your court consists of customization-craving-humans as well, so why not grant them the importance they deserve? When you send out your invitations, send a personal message to your court alone.

Remind your best friend since Kindergarten about that time at the park when you knew you’d be best friends forever and now she’s your dama. Or remind that chambelan whose always been extremely nice and honest with you, how good of a friend he is.

These personal messages will melt your court’s heart and will encourage them to give their best and collaborate for an amazing Quince experience.

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