Make E-Invitations the VIP Guest at Your Quince

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 Utilizing digital media can bring the cost of your  invitations down significantly. These types of web-  based invitations offer a service which creates, sends,  and manages online invites at a minimal and  sometimes no cost to you

Depending on your budget, the cost of printed invitations can either roll off your back or send you running for the hills. Assuming that you’re half way up the summit already, perhaps sending your Quince invitations through an online service such as Evite, Pingg and 123Greetings may encourage you to return to flat land. But since these sites offer different features, there are specifications that you need to compare in order to make sure you choose a provider that best meets your expectations.

The free invitation from, for example, allows you to import contacts from your address book, customize your reply headers, set a limit as to how many guests may RSVP per family, notifies you when people have RSVP’d, and also allows you to upload a brief description and photo of yourself. is also photo-upload friendly, but its basic free service also features YouTube and Flickr-upload compatibility, includes a gift registry section, and gives you delivery options that include a digital envelope, mobile text, or a web link. It does not, however, allow you to upload a brief description of yourself, such as Evite does.

Unlike Evite and Pingg, the free e-cards provided by serve only as a produce-and-send greeting that does not feature neither manageability nor customization. Also, rather than sending an electronic invitation, the invites are sent in the form of a url link which redirects the recipient to a 123Greetings web page where they can view the invite.

Aside from features, another thing to consider is whether or not you want advertisements added to your invitation. For instance, Evites’ form of advertisement comes only as a postage stamp on the invitation itself. Pingg has second-party advertisements that appear on the RSVP page, but does give you the option to upgrade from standard to advertisement-free at a $10.00 cost. Evite and 123Greetings do not offer that option. Of the three, 123Greetings has the most second-party advertisements with a video commercial running before the evite is played and next to the video player as well.

But what 123Greetings lacks in ad-free space and features, it wins over in creativity. Their evites are animated and offer musical invitations that come alive once the evite is opened, which is a lively feature that neither Evite nor Pingg offer.

It’s also important to look into the number of templates that these sites have available. Pingg and Evite have templates designed specifically for quinceaneras, whereas 123Greetings does not. All of these sites, however, do have various birthday invitations that can be appropriate for your Quinceañera.

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