“Oh Happy Day” Inspired Quince Party Invitation Ideas

Elizabeth de la Torre

Decorated in ribbon, lace, paper cut outs, and placed in boxes filled with candies, we’ve found quince party invitation ideas that are sure to inspire your own creativity. Of course, it’s important to follow your quince party theme as your first consideration in deciding your invitation design. Besides that, the design of your quince invitations should be unique and far from ordinary. After all, this will be your quince guests’ first introduction to you quinceañera party. Thus, you want your invitation as appealing as possible in order to create excited suspense for your guests as they await your big day!

Too often do quince invitations vary on the edge of boring rather than “the edge of glory.” And too often do girls take the boring way out by making standard invitation online through a company. These usually leave little room for your creativity and are costly in comparison to their “wow” factor.

Remember, party planning blogs like Oh Happy Day are great for those struggling to stick to a quince budget while also not looking to sacrifice style. Oh Happy Day and blogs alike are great sources for quince planning ideas. Find out why!

Before ordering your invitations online check out these Oh Happy Day DIY invitation ideas.

Our friends at Oh Happy Day have amazed us again with their unique party DIY ideas. It is important for the uniqueness of your quince party that you take a look at these invitation ideas Ideal for quince themes like carnival, pop art, bohemian, vintage, Victorian, backyard, traditional, and more!

If you are more concerned with the appearance of you quince invitations then these ideas will fit for you because a lot of words won’t be necessary to make these designs beautiful. Instead, as these designs were made, it’s is actually more attractive to send your quince guests unique DIY invitations with as few words as possible. That’s one reason why the Oh Happy Day invitation ideas below are so astounding!

Check out the images below to get quince planning inspiration and for specific information about the pictures that interest you, click on it to go to the Oh Happy Day blog.

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