Pros & Cons On Digital and Physical Invitations for Your Quince


Deciding whether to settle for the traditional physical invitation or the modern digital invites can be quite difficult.

We’ve put together the pros of cons of both options to see which one suits you best.

Digital XV Invitations


  • Inexpensive: Digital invitations are mostly free. Unless you want to go one step further and have some digital invitations designed for yourself.
  • Easy: Unlike paper invitations, that consist of endless choices of types of paper, colors, materials, cuts, and designs; digital invitations are easy, simple and straightforward. Whether you choose Facebook or email, a computerized invitation allows you to simply type in the information, and you’re good to go!
  • Immediate Response & Tracking: Another plus to digital invitations, is that they provide an immediate response from your guests, anytime anywhere. You also have the assurance of instant delivery, for a faster reply.


  • Not everyone has Facebook or email (ex: the older generations): Some people in our family are still very outdated when it comes to their use of technology, like our grandparents. These specific individuals who are “living under a rock,” would appreciate a physical invitation to your important event.
  • Harder to keep track of plus ones: Digital invitations are harder to keep personal and direct to only the number of people you really want to invite.
  • Spam: Just like any email, your digital invitation could easily get lost in spam. And a guest may never know you invited them.
  • Not Taken Seriously: Could be perceived as merely an informal invitation.

Paper XV Invitations



  • Viewed as the most elegant choice: Paper Quince invitations are simply classic and timeless. Its prolonged use has classified paper invitations are purely stylish, elegant, and a sign of an important event.
  • Everyone has an address: Unlike emails or Facebook, we can be sure that even our old-fashioned grandparents have an actual address.
  • Specific to whom is invited: May come out a bit rude directly stating that the invitation is for you alone. On the other hand, with paper invitations, we can provide our guests with 1,2 or 0 plus ones. No confusion there!


  • Could get pricey: Unfortunately, paper invitations are not cheap. They can actually go for over $10 per invitation! That’s right. It’s definitely not paper you want to go to waste. Therefore, if you think most of your guests will not really appreciate the art and cost of a paper invitation, consider digital.
  • Longer response time: Unlike the immediate communication exchange that the digital world brings us, paper invitations will have us patiently waiting for the response of our guests. At least from the people, you don’t really talk to that often. Otherwise, yes; you can just text them, ask them casually about it and then receive their RSVP and plus one confirmation by mail.

Do you prefer digital invitations or paper invitations?

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