Save on your Quinceanera invitations: go online!

Grecia Hernandez

Welcome to the digital era, where almost all is fair, especially when it comes to saving either paper or money here and there.

Choosing online invitations is an easy alternative to let your family and friends know about your Quince.

Now keep in mind that depending on the route you take, you could end up spending less or might have to pay a bit more.

save on invitations

Here are some options you can select from, from low to high price, when announcing your Quinceanera to the world:

 1)A Facebook event page instead of Quinceanera Invitations!

Make sure to add all the important details such as date, time, location and even your XV Gift Registry so they know what to get you as a present.

Advantage: Your guests can RSVP or decline your invitation, this will give you an approximate headcount prior to your party.

Disadvantage: Most of your friends and primos are no longer on Facebook so how would you know if they’ll be attending…

2) Make a Personalized XV 

Click here to edit and share! lets you choose from several cutesy samples to create your very own Quinceanera invitation according to your XV Theme or colors!

Advantage: The free version of evite has plenty of designs to choose from, no need to pay for the fancier samples! Its designs allow for RSVP’s and declined invitations.

Disadvantage: In order to invite people you will need everyone’s email address so your grandma plus older guests will most likely receive a verbal invite instead!

3)A YouTube Video- XV Invitation

With the help of your video savvy friends, you could record your own Quinceanera video or you can go all out and hire a professional!

Advantage: This is an amazing way to give your guests a sneak peek into your Quinceanera! Place props around you or dress up, be coy about it though, leave some mystery for the party!

Disadvantage: Once your video is ready you will either have to share it via email or Facebook, Instagram only takes 15 seconds video (not enough time) so you will most likely have to create a personalized website for it…

4) A personalized Quinceanera website

¡Haz clic para crear tu propia pagína web!

This is something that could be done by you through a BlogSpot or WordPress site or again you could hire a professional and go ALL OUT!

Advantage: No need of sending invitations and making sure everyone got theirs, all the info they need is just a click away!

Disadvantage: Privacy settings should be carefully considered to avoid Quinceanera crashers!

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