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Ericka Lopez, founder of Ericka Grace Events and Designs, explains that although most of her Quinceanera clients only request invitations and RSVP cards, Thank You notes should also be sent in order to express appreciation for guests having attended your celebration.

Having been in the business professionally for nearly seven years, but having picked up the hobby of planning events and designing invitations some 15 years ago, Ericka has created invitations for numerous events, including weddings, Sweet 16’s, Quince parties, fundraisers and corporate events. Through her expertise, she’s noticed that her Quinceanera clientele has not picked up on the trend of requesting Thank You cards aside from standard invitations. “As an event planner I always encourage them to order them because it’s the polite thing for them to do,” said Ericka. “Although not everyone believes so, a note of gratitude is the proper action for a young girl to make in these cases.”

However, the expert is well aware that cost may be a factor in whether or not clients order any stationery other than the traditional invitation. For this, Ericka suggests different ways in which you can stick to your budget for your Quinceanera invitations and still be able to afford an order of Thank You cards. “You can easily spend $400 on 100 invitations of $400 on 30 invitations. It’s all in the detailing,” she said. “The best way to stay within your budget is to minimize the amount of embellishments on the invitations and go with something minimalist but still very elegant.” You can also choose to only order a few Thank You cards for a selected group of guests and send Thank You emails to the rest, such as to your friends, for example.

Also, ordering with enough time ahead of the event will prevent you from paying rush order fees and might give your budget room for ordering notes of gratitude. For Ericka’s designs, she suggests placing an order at least two months in advance. This way, you give yourself three weeks of production time and still have time to send out the invitations with the proper four weeks before the actual event date. Save the dates, she adds, should be sent six weeks in advance of the event and ordered with three weeks of production time.

“Budgets are never discriminated against and so long as the client is open to different ideas, there’s always a way to come to a comfortable price and design agreement,” states Ericka. The designer also suggests that when meeting with a potential invitations provider, you go prepared with at least a Quinceanera theme or a color palette in mind.


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