Thank your Quince Guests with ‘KindNotes’

Gabriela Alvarado

‘KindNotes’ is available on and its price start from $25.95.

Whether your Quinceañera was a small gathering or a huge celebration, it’s important to thank those who shared such a special moment with you. What better way to do it than send ‘KindNotes’.


Sending thank you notes is a common courtesy after a quinceañera. More and more, people are coming up with other creative ways to show appreciation.

One of these is “KindNotes”, a gesture that will keep your guests thrilled and entertain searching for a message hidden inside a personalized decorated jar, a perfect way to thank family and friends.

kindnotes as thank cards

Different colors and decorations!

Each KindNotes starts with a beautiful decorative jar, similar to a Quinceañera centerpiece, then is filled with linen card-stock envelopes, each carrying inside its own message of gratitude or appreciation. This is a really creative idea that will leave your Quinceañera guests speechless.

The best about “KindNotes” is that not only can the jar be personalized and adapted to any occasion. You can even use the same color them of your Quinceañera decorations.


One-of-a-kind innovative gift!

There are plenty of templates to choose from and you can personalize the message. ‘KindNotes’ is available on and its price start from $25.95.


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