The Latest Quinceanera Invitations Trends

Grecia Hernandez

Become a party planning trendsetter by choosing one or a few of this year’s fads.

Lace and pearls are in the past, dazzle your friends with something new and different.

Wouldn’t you love to feature one of these on your Quinceanera invitations?


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Handwritten Invitations

In a time where DIY projects are super IN, this is one of the best party planning trends there is. If you’re talented you could easily do the template yourself before choosing a vendor, unless you want to do over 100 handwritten Quinceanera invitations


Photo Courtesy of Creative Designs by Lisa, Check out our Quinceanera Preferred Vendors special offers here


If instead of a theme you chose a color combination for your fiesta, then you might want to consider adding a monogram to the celebration and including it on your invitations, party favors, centerpieces and what not…


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Directions are a must for out-of-town guests anyways, so why not add a map? Check out other things to add to your Quinceanera invitations here.


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Envelope Liners

Because beauty comes from the inside, nowadays we’re also decorating the inside of the envelope. Yes, it is a trend to pick a pattern or color for your envelope liners. Make a decision considering your theme and don’t go too crazy!


Photo Courtesy of Creative Designs by Lisa; Click here to see more of her invitation designs!

Ribbon decor

A delicate and romantic trend to match a similar Quinceanera theme. Ideal for a Spring Theme Quinceanera or perhaps even an Under the Sea Quince.

To find more Quinceanera trends check out our Elite XV Group!


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