Tips for Choosing your Quinceanera Invitations

Grecia Hernandez

Your Quince invitations are a super important element of your party.

After all, they are a sneak peek of what your guests can expect at the actual party as soon as they receive theirs.

Take a look at these essential tips that will help you during Quince planning

  1. Choose the theme and colors

    Our first piece of advice is to begin looking at samples at least seven months prior to your party. The perfect time to look for your Quinceanera invitations is after you’ve chosen your Quince theme and/or colors. If you go without having a topic in mind, it will take you longer to decide on your invites.

  1. Set up a budget

    Consider spending between $350 and $400 for about 100 Quinceanera invitations. Peak Quince season is from March until September, so if you’re celebrating your fiesta in May, order your invitations during November and December to get a better rate.

  1. Proofread your sample

Once you receive the sample of your Quince invitation, make sure everything is written correctly: your name, your parents, your padrinos and your chambelan’s full names and the date and address of the event, less is always best! Keep in mind your invitations will be based on this sample, so a tiny mistake could mean a typo on all of them and once it is printed, there is no way to go back!

  1. Request your quinceanera invitations in advance

Here is the deal, your invitations must be sent out three to four weeks before your party, especially for out-of-state guests. The production process could take up to three weeks depending on the embellishments, details and design you choose. The sooner you pick your invitation, the faster the process will be. Once you kick this off from your to-do list, there will be plenty of time and energy to be spent, say on, looking for the perfect Quinceanera dress?

Now that you know all of this valuable information, do you think you’re ready to place your order?


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