Top Five Quinceañera Invitation Trends

Gabriela Alvarado

When talking about the quinceañera invitations we know they are one of the most important tasks in the organization of your fifteen celebration.


After all, for those guests who live far away, this might be the closest thing to your party, and some of them may even save the invite as a keepsake.

Also, Invitations are a small description of what to expect for your actual quinceañera date, it is a sneak peek of what your quince theme will be. Therefore, choose invitations according to your theme, and keep them on-trend as well.

Here are the five most popular quinceañera invitation trends:

Floral quince invites

Flowers are romantic, fun and creative. A simple floral design outlining your preferred font, or patterned paper with flower accents makes for a wonderful spring theme quinceañera.

Vintage quince invites


Nowadays, everything seems to be inspired by ‘vintage’, a style that evokes past eras and a theme loved by many quince girls.

Shiny quince invites

For elegant an impressive invitations, a little bit of shine and glitter works wonders.

Rustic quinceañera invitations

Another extremely popular quinceañera theme, rustic encompasses what’s elegant and combines it with a down-to-earth ambience, which is unique and fun!


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Lace Pearls quince invites

A trend that was a hit years ago and has recently made a powerful comeback is quinceañera invitations with lace. It is a classic, and classics never fade! Combine it with pearls and create super glam invites.



Experiment with these top five quinceañera invitation trends and create your own project following this guide.

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