Unique Idea for your Quinceañera Invitations

Gabriela Alvarado


Beautiful and creative quinceañera invitations can embrace your cultural tradition while showing your personality and style.

It is not an easy task to decide the design of your quinceañera invitations. There are a lot options to consider and it is also a great way to get your guests’ attention. We’re pretty sure you want them to anxiously await your quinceañera celebration.

Whether you base your decision taking into consideration the quinceañera theme or your favorite style, color or texture, there is always a way to combine these two while adding a twist of uniqueness: “Show & Tell video invitations”.

A video quince invitation is an exceptional and fun way to welcome your beloved ones. Considering the different designs and samples they offer, you could create your very own video and personalize it to your best choice.  For example, if you’re an emotional quinceañera, you can send your guests a unique video invitation sharing a lifetime of pictures. This way you can share a piece of yourself; after all, that is what a quinceañera is all about.

Show & Tell video invitations are not just a slideshow. Their editors bring your photos to life by animating and key framing each picture to the music, creating a stunning work of art. They offer different samples and you can select either a complete DVD package or combine your own traditional quinceañera invitations with mini DVD inserts.

Follow these quick steps to start creating your quinceañera invitations:

1)   Log into showandtellinvitations.com

2)   Fill out an online order

3)   Send photos and music selection

4)   Send your inviting message

5)   Wait for the video which brings your project to life

This is your chance to amaze your guests and mesmerize together. Send them these unique quinceañera invitations and start receiving calls with their shocking response about them. We’re sure they’ll love these!

For more information please visit showandtellinvitations.com.


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